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German Programs

German is not simply the language of Oktoberfest, but it is the most widely spoken native language in Europe, one that pays off now and in the future. People from southern and eastern European countries, as well as internationally, are flocking to Germany because it has the strongest economy in Europe.  Germany offers a plethora of opportunities to young Canadians wanting to study or work there and this welcome is supported with generous scholarships and other support.

At Scona you can choose to begin learning the language from scratch in our German Language & Culture program.  German music and films bring life to language, culture and history.  Our students learn to actually communicate in the language and so while some find themselves on the verge of fluency even after one year, 80% of our students become fluent on a basic level by grade 12.  The DSD I examination gives you international accreditation and can be used on resumes, but also eventually to work or study in Germany.

The German Bilingual Program at Scona ranks among the most renowned among public schools in Canada.   It is here that students are recognized for their development of German skills that began – for many – before grade one.  For about 25 years approximately 1000 students of this program have participated with great success in the German proficiency exam, the DSD II, your ticket to largely free of cost tuition. Scona is one of two public high schools in Western Canada that has been granted the status as official testing centre that is only available for students registered in the program.  In the past few years our bilingual students have pursued studies in architecture, engineering, psychology, law and medicine in universities throughout Germany.