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Life of Pi





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Life of Pi

   Life of PiThemes, motifs and symbols as highlighted by Sparknotes.com.

   Guardian book club podcast - Listen to Yann Martel and John Mullan discussing whether the relationship between Pi and Richard Parker is a metaphor for marriage or stamp-collecting.

   Illustrated Life of Pi- Life of Pi in paintings.

   BookBrowse - Web Interview with the Author about his book.

Symbolism & Themes

   Pink Monkey - Symbolism/motif/imagry in the Life of Pi.

   Castaway with Karma - Time Magazine article.

   Tigers in Captivity -  Has some great information on tigers in the wild vs. zoo.


   Major Religions of the World - Quick overviews of  Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

   Religion - A-Z of religions and beliefs from the BBC.