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International Organizations

International Organization Pathfinder


Global Issues in Context which can be accessed through the ORC will give you the latest information on all International Organizations

United Nations

123 World.com has an alphabetical index that is easy to navigate all about the United Nations.

The United Nations Home Page includes daily news updates, peictorial history, and descriptions of UN department and offices.

Fox News has the latest news on the United Nations.

The New York Times has up to date information and archival information on the United Nations.

European Union

The CIA World Factbook has a wealth of information on the European Union.

The New York Times has up to date information and archival information on the European Union.

The European Union Website is a great source.

CNN has news and videos on the European Union.

For more history on the European Union try EUROPA - The EU at a glance.

Arctic Council

The Arctic Council website has a wealth of information.

WGIA has information on the history and membership of the Arctic Council.

Organisation de la Francophonie

The official website Organisaton de la Francophonie is a great place for information.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The Official site of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization features news, publications, activities, and speeches by the General Secretary.

The US Department of State has some good information.


This is the official website of the Commonwealth also known as the Commonwealth of Nations.

The British Monarchy Website on the Commonwealth hosts this site that has information and includes pictures of the Queens visits to the Commonwealth countries.

The Commonwealth Secretariat deals with the issues of all the Commonwealth and has tons of great information.

This is the website created by the Government of Canada regarding the Commonwealth and their role within it.


NaftaNow.org was jointly developed by the Governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America and has some great resources.

The NAFTA Secretariat website discusses NAFTA and deals with disagreements between NAFTA countries.

Canada and the North American Free Trade Agreement was created by the Government of Canada and discusses Canada's role and issues with NAFTA.

NAFTA Debatabase is written by a university student and discusses some pros and cons of NAFTA.