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Media Studies and Video Production


Media Studies

Media Studies is a course for anyone. You don’t need to have any artistic experience to be successful in this course. This is a course that will give students exposure to current and relevant media trends and experiences. This course is a great starting place for anyone wanting to prepare for post secondary programs such as Design, Engineering, Business, and many more.

In Media Studies students will start to think of themselves as content creators. In this course we could create anything, including posters, bus wraps, billboards, packaging, logos and marketing materials, depending on the industry—content creators work at magazines, advertising and marketing agencies, and more. Selecting photos and typefaces, and developing layouts for advertisements, annual reports, brochures, magazines and other projects are also part of the gig. These are skills that students can use in their daily lives.

* Please note - This course is replacing the Applied Graphic Arts and Photography programs. Students who have completed AGA 15 or Photo 10 will register for Media Studies 20. Students who have completed AGA 25 or Photography 20 will register for Media Studies 30.


Video Production

This course is outside the regular timetable.

As of 2017, 2.32 billion people across the globe use a smart phone – a figure on track to add another half billion by 2020. Throw tablets, TV and laptops into the equation, and it’s clear that a huge proportion of daily information and connectivity comes from these devices. What’s more, with the high level of production values that we are exposed to, video quality plays an important role in getting attention and keeping viewers engaged.

Video production aims to provide increasingly important skills to students on how to engage with topics, improve messaging and stretch their creativity through how to produce professional quality multi-camera live broadcasts, web streams and video.

Through this, students will enhance future opportunities or inspire future career choices.

The University of Alberta and MacEwan University recognize Video Production 30 as an entrance eligible course in selected programs.

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