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Learnwrite (Independent Learning)


Chart your own path, work at your own pace, find your own challenge or your own solution to a circumstance in life 

Find us now in the Scona Room.
Office hours: 

Strathcona’s Learnwrite Centre meets a wide range of needs such as:

  • Courses for students with a spare or who are below credit load
  • A chance to try out a particular “career pathway”  (by enrolling in a series of 1 or 3 credit courses related to a particular career field)
  • A chance to complete Career and Life Management (CALM) 20 outside of regular classroom hours, if needed
  • A chance to access courses from home or on the road (particularly for elite athletes, students on an exchange and students with medical conditions that prevent regular school attendance)
  • A chance to redo certain courses in the case of unsatisfactory marks
  • Courses in Workplace Preparation in support of the school’s Off-Campus Education program which runs through the Student Services Department
  • Access to remedial or practice work through the “Study Buddy” program which is also run through the Student Services Department

Take a look at the Learnwrite Website: https://sites.google.com/a/share.epsb.ca/i-learn-sconahigh/