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Graphic Arts

Graphic Design 15, 25, 35

No experience necessary. Graphic Design 15-25-35 are intended to provide students with opportunities to communicate visually through the study of the elements and principles of design, image making using a variety of tools, typography, and contemporary and historical graphic design.

It supports students in the development of a range of competencies, such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Students can expect to learn how to use computer software, a variety of printmaking process’, stencil art, and basic drawing skills. The emphasis of Graphic Design 15-25-35 is on the development of a repertoire of skills that students can apply into real life situations.

This course series aims to support students to become informed creators of solutions to visual problems. The components of this course series focus on the development of artistic skills and the acquisition of theory associated with problem solving in various areas of visual communications and design.

Graphic Design 15-25-35 also provides opportunities for students to explore possible career interests and pathways that could capitalize on their knowledge, skills and abilities in artistic expression. Through the experiences of the Graphic Design program students can expect to achieve a grade that can used to calculate admission average for university or college programs.

The portfolio of work is also diverse and strong enough to apply to most post secondary art and design programs.

Graphic Arts Portfolio

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