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About Scona

Strathcona is a learning community unlike any other in Edmonton. Passion for education fills the classrooms with inspiration, just as dedication to performance fills our two gymnasiums with perspiration. Some schools specialize in a niche, hoping to corner the market on jocks, mathletes, drama geeks, circus acrobats or whatever; at Strathcona we believe that being well-rounded goes a long way. We strive to bring excellence to every corner of our school, offering a huge selection of bands, clubs, teams, and activities to help our students form lasting friendships and get the most complete high school experience.


Over the past hundred years the technology has changed, the facilities have been enhanced – but we’ve done our homework and we’re proud of the fact that some things never change. Like the spirit of our students who look out for each other and make a positive impact in the community. Like our athletic teams who have set the benchmark with countless records at the track, in the pool and on the field. Like our renowned Advance Placement (AP) program, the largest in Alberta, that offers our students a head start on their post-secondary studies. Like the award-winning performances of our fine arts students whose creativity continually inspires us.

Strathcona students embrace diversity and respect different perspectives on the world around them. With a full range of academic programs, students can customize their course loads to their individual interests with specializations in fine arts, languages other than English, even business and technical programs.


So what do all these well-rounded biology geniuses, track stars and brilliant artists have in common? By the time they leave Strathcona they are so confidently prepared for post-secondary studies that their only stress is shopping for their back to school outfit.

A Strathcona diploma isn’t just a fancy piece of paper to frame; it’s a ticket to a whole world of advanced education and career options, limited only by your imagination. We think that’s something to be proud of.


In Spring 2017, the provincial government passed legislation that sets out what kind of fees schools can and cannot charge for. The changes took effect for the 2017-18 school year.

The fee sheets are detailed and include every fee that might be charged, for every grade. It is important to know that you may not have to pay for every item. Your school will tell you what your fees are in September and will also provide a detailed explanation of what the fee is for, in September.

Based on the changes from the province, your fees may be reduced, eliminated, or may not change at all.

Strathcona fee sheet 2020-2021