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Computer Science

From Robotics to BioInformatics (the powerful team of medicine and computing) to Entertainment you will be informed and inspired!

Do you want to cure cancer? Help the blind to see?  Perhaps you want to build an interactive Art masterpiece.  Or maybe create the next million dollar game?  Computing Science is changing the world and at Scona, our CS program teaches students about how to use, build and work with the technologies of tomorrow.  If you want to be an engineer or a doctor or a leader in your industry, you need to have a strong grasp on how new hardware and software will shape your world.

Computing Science teaches students how to problem solve, handle failure and use technology to pursue their passions. Plus, CS is accepted on par with the traditional 3 sciences by most faculties of Alberta universities. Our AP Computing Science program also lets high academic students push themselves into university level computing.

Advanced Placement vs Regular Computer Science

We offer a single Computer Science 10 class at Strathcona after which students can take one of two streams that we call Regular and Advanced Placement. Strathcona’s Computer Science program is world renowned for its teaching methods and both streams benefit from this engaging approach.  The major difference between the streams is that A.P. students progress at a fast pace delving deeper into University level Computer Science.

Extra Curricular Opportunities for Scona Computing Science Students

In Competition
Vex Robotics
Skills Canada Robotics
Skills Canada Web Design
U of Waterloo’s Canadian Computing Olympiad
U of A’s Iverson Computing Science Contest

In Service
U of A Department of Computer Science High School Internship Program
U of A WISEST Internship Program
Programming Club
Competition Volunteering
Community Events Partnerships

Screenshots of Student Work: