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Food Studies

There is no more important life skill than cooking. We all eat. We all want to eat well.  Plus, we all want to eat sustainably.  Scona Food Studies is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to cook your own delicious meals in a variety of styles all the while considering the ethical and social implications of our food choices.

For those that are interested in continuing into a career (or just a summer job) in a restaurant, Food Studies is an excellent introduction to the Hospitality Industry.  As you continue into the upper levels, you will go beyond basic life skills and focus on recipes and techniques used by professional chefs.


This course is intended to give students opportunities to learn management and introductory cooking skills through theory and practical applications. Students cover topics such as food choices, nutrition, understanding recipes and working with a variety of ingredients.


This course is intended to give students opportunities to develop skills and concepts learned in Foods 10. Students will have an opportunity in this course to work with stocks, soups, sauces, pastries, yeast breads, vegetarian and International cuisine. The course concludes with a major assignment where students prepare a three course meal. Students will also develop meal plans through theory and practical applications.


This course is intended to give students opportunities to study aspects of food in relation to family life. Advanced level modules demand a higher level of expertise and help to prepare students for entry into the workplace or a related post-secondary program. Students will have the opportunity to be certified in Food Safety and Handling. Through theory and practical applications students will develop a business plan during the course.