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Awards & Scholarships


Academic Awards

Honours with Distinction: awarded to students with an average of 90% - 100%.

Honours: awarded to students with an average of 80% - 89.9%.

Merit: awarded to students with an average of 75% - 79.9%.

Please note that for awards purposes, calculations for academic awards (merit, honours, and honours with distinction) are based on APRIL MARKS using the Rutherford Scholarship criteria.

For a detailed overview of this criteria please see the Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship



As students head into their final year of high school, forefront on the minds of many are questions surrounding post-secondary schooling, scholarship availability, and application deadlines. In an effort to provide the most up-to-date resources, Student Services houses a wealth of information on post-secondary institutions, work experience opportunities, financial support, study abroad experiences, the RAP program, and building your own personal portfolio. We also host a number of events throughout the year to support our graduating students as they plan for their future.

External And Post-Secondary Scholarships And Awards

Please check the following websites for a list of awards and scholarships available to Grade 12 students commencing post-secondary education in the fall.  Be sure to also check the post-secondary calendars for information on institutional scholarships.

Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)

Student Awards.com