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Scarborough Trophy

Charlie Scarborough was a student at Strathcona who quit school to enlist in 1914. He later became a math teacher at Strahcona and was highly respected by students and fellow teachers. In 1952 a trophy was established in his honour to recognize outstanding citizens of Strathcona School who have rendered exceptional service and leadership to the school through their participation in extra-curricular activities. Value: $500.00

Candidates must meet the following qualifications:

1. Academic

• The candidate must demonstrate a conscientious and diligent attitude to his school work.

• The candidate must be a student whose marks are commensurate with his ability.

2. Participation

• The candidate shall have actively participated in extra-curricular activities throughout his high school career.

• The candidate shall be in grade twelve and have been an outstanding contributor to extra-curricular activities for two years.

• The candidate shall have rendered instrumental service to students in the organization and administration of extra-curricular activities at Strathcona.

3. Superior Service

• The candidate shall be one who, through extra-curricular activities, has shown initiative while securing the co-operation and enthusiasm of others.

• The candidate’s contributions shall be specifically judged on organization, productive delegation of responsibilities, and worthwhile contributions to the school community.

4. Personal Qualities

• The candidate has demonstrated admirable personal qualities throughout his high school career. His strong character is an example to other Strathcona students.