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The Leadership Program at Strathcona is one of Scona’s pillars of excellence. It is an inclusive program that combines the fun of team building with the meaning of service to create memorable experiences that last a lifetime.

Since 2009, students in the Leadership Program have raised over $110,000 for local organizations like the Youth Emergency Shelter Society, to international organizations like One Child’s Village (with whom we built a school with in Bumala, Kenya), Right to Play, Not For Sale Campaign which addressed the issue of Human Trafficking or most recently Kiva and Change for Children who use Microloans to improves lives of people world wide.

The classes are both high energy and reflective in nature. We hope that every student who comes through the program, leaves with an enhanced skill set on how to work with others and the compassion to put others before self in future life endeavors.

The Leadership courses are offered at the 15, 25, and 35 level, both inside and outside the regular class schedule, in order to accommodate the maximum number of students. Students graduating from Leadership will have enhanced teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and project management skills. They will also engage in a great deal of character development through team building and self-reflection.

The Leadership Seminar is offered to students in all grades outside of the regular schedule, every two weeks before school and on three weekends throughout the year. Seminar students’ love waking up early to do the Good Morning World Dance and going on Leadership retreats. Seminar students work closely with Leadership 35 and the Students’ Union.

Leadership 15 is focused on the building blocks of leadership. It is a popular class that quickly instills values of inclusivity, kindness and enthusiasm for life into the daily routine. Students in Leadership 15 regularly give standing ovations on the tops of their desks, break into random epic songs and even sometimes quietly recite poetry from the heart.

Leadership 25 takes the lessons learned at the 15 level and applies them in the local community. Leadership 25 is all about getting practical experiences by organizing local initiatives to support local charities and organizations. Students in Leadership 25 find the practical experiences working in the community to be “eye opening” and often life changing.

Leadership 35 is the practicum for the entire Leadership Program. Students in Leadership 35 organize a Leadership retreat for the entire Leadership Program, bring in guest speakers and engage all parties in a planning process for a Global Initiative. This is the course that allows students truly to be “the change they want to see in the world” (Gandhi). The more students put into this initiative, the more they will get out. If the final Leadership 35 class was any indication, considering all the tears, it is safe to say that students gave everything they had.

Thinking about taking Leadership? Then start thinking about your legacy now.

For more information, please contact tom.yonge@epsb.ca