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Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is geared towards active participation of all students.  Skills and techniques are taught in class, but they are secondary to the overall goal of making the students feel comfortable, challenged, and aware of the benefits to a healthy lifestyle. Students' participation in P.E. will see them explore a variety of activities on and off the campus, which we hope will create a lifelong active lifestyle.

All students are encouraged to continue taking Physical Education 20 and 30 in Grade 11 and 12.  These activity based courses allow students to continue with the active lifestyle, while exploring possible new-to-them activities, such as snorkeling, scuba, curling, and golf.  Students are challenged to become both active participants and to develop leadership skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.  P.E. 20 and 30 are courses that can be used for the Rutherford Scholarship and P.E. 30 can be used to apply to some university faculties.  

Stay active, stay involved with Physical Education.