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Students develop the safe use of both hand tools and power tools to create projects that include a tic tac toe board, an IPhone stand, a wooden puzzle, two sanding blocks, and a cutting board. As well, students work together in small groups to create their own 4 ft x 4 ft wall made from 2x4 wood studs and apply dry wall. This is subsequently finished with 3 coats of plaster, sanded between coats and made paint-ready. This fundamental skill will be of significant importance as home repairs are usually made on a regular basis. Having the knowledge to complete this by yourself (or at least effectively coordinate this) is extremely valuable.
Emphasis is placed on independent projects that are required at the school level or at home. For example "lockers" for our "Bring it On" musical, a bridge for the Leadership program, a soccer goal target for the International Languages program, and trolley for the custodial department. In addition to this, we also focus on specific modules including both interior and exterior wall framing, roof structures, doors, windows and siding, and plumbing systems. Specifically in regards to plumbing, we talk about both PEX and copper tubing, various connection methods, and how to install/repair a toilet. 

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