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Advanced Placement

Our Advanced Placement (AP) program is the heart and soul of our academic philosophy.  Our continued success in helping students reach the highest level of performance is recognized across the country and around the world.  Strathcona's AP program is one of the largest AP programs in Canada.  Each year, the greatest share of Alberta's AP National Scholars, AP Scholars with Distinction and AP Scholars come from our school.

AP is the optimum route for university preparation, providing enriched and challenging academic courses that parallel and expand on the material covered in regular courses.  Strathcona’s AP program offers the flexibility of enrolling in one, some, or all of our AP courses, leaving plenty of room for options.

In addition to writing provincial diploma exams, AP students are evaluated by the International College Board in Princeton, allowing students to gain credits or advanced standing in major Canadian and American universities.

  AP courses are available in:

  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Capstone Research
  • Capstone Seminar
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science A
  • Computer Science Principles
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French
  • German
  • Physics I
  • Physics II
  • Physics C
  • Social Studies (European History)
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • Studio Art

AP Capstone

In 2012, Strathcona was selected from over 20 000 AP schools to be one of only 100 worldwide (and only 10 in Canada) to pilot the innovative AP Capstone and Certificate program, which became fully operational as of September 2014.  AP Capstone provides students with a tremendous opportunity to develop skills necessary for post-secondary studies while focusing on passions or interests that they may not otherwise have time to pursue in an academic setting.

In AP Capstone Seminar, taken in the grade 11 year, students explore cross-curricular issues from multiple perspectives, developing the research and analytical skills necessary to craft and communicate evidence-based arguments.

In AP Capstone Research, taken in the grade 12 year, students build on the foundation established in Seminar, conducting independent research in order to produce and defend a scholarly academic thesis.

For more details on the program expectations, click here.

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For more information on what AP could mean for your postsecondary studies, check out the University of Alberta's AP page.