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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement is an internationally recognized, academically rigorous program that introduces students to university material while in a supportive high school environment.  Strathcona is proud to offer one of the largest Academic Placement programs in Canada. Our AP program offers the flexibility of enrolling in one, some or all of our AP courses, leaving plenty of room for options and extracurricular activities.

AP is the optimum route for university preparation, providing enriched and challenging classes that parallel and expand on the material covered in regular courses.  In our AP classes,  students learn how to manage their time, handle challenging coursework, and prepare for exams.  Every year, we have graduates return and tell us how well AP prepared them for their post secondary studies.

AP Classes at Strathcona

‌At Strathcona, Advanced Placement offers both challenge and opportunity-- and we provide this through a wide variety of subject areas. Coming into grade 10, students can register in AP English, Social Studies, Math, and Science.  Students who are coming from a bilingual or immersion program can register in the associated AP language course-- French, Spanish, or German.  Those who are passionate about Art or Computer Science can register in the grade 10 introductory class and look forward to pursuing AP course work at the 20 level in those subject areas.  

For a complete list of our AP classes and links to course descriptions, please see the 2022-23 AP Brochure.

AP Capstone    

In addition to a full slate of AP courses, Strathcona is also very proud to offer the  AP Capstone Diploma program.  In these innovative and interdisciplinary courses, students develop the critical thinking,communication, collaboration, research and presentation skills needed to succeed in post-secondary studies and in life.   In each course, students have the opportunity to explore current issues from multiple perspectives and delve deeper into topics they are passionate about.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

For more information on what AP could mean for your postsecondary studies, check out the University of Alberta’s AP page.  We’re proud to see a Scona grad featured in their latest AP video: