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Technical Theatre

The Technical Theatre program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students who wish to participate in the backstage, stage management, and theatre management aspects of a theatre career. The program provides practical experience in set construction, rigging, lighting and sound. Students are trained in the safe operation of hand and power tools in a variety of mediums. Sketching, mechanical drafting, auto cad and rendering techniques are the basic skills practiced to develop a versatile theatre designer, while the stage technician practices in stage lighting design, sound design, rigging, house management, and stage management. These essential skills are taught and practiced throughout the execution of our production season.

  • develop an appreciation and an understanding of stagecraft, costuming, make-up, lighting, sound, rigging, stage management, and house management through the practical experience of main stage productions
  • develop artistic communication skills to effictively collaborate with other directors or designers
  • portray a knowledge of historical period and style through conventional theatrical techniques of design
  • develop proficientcy in rendering techniques, set construction, scene painting, lighting and sound design and operation 
  • become familiar with the industry standards and procedures to research and secure job auditions and interviews
  • prepare and present a portfolio of accomplishments to universities, colleges, conservatories and potential employers either on a one-on-one situation or in a mass audition setting