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Student Services

Student Services is the one of the exciting hubs of Strathcona. Geared toward providing exceptional support for our whole school community, we pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of students, parents and staff. Student Services coordinates a range of academic supports for our students. We ensure that students are in courses that match their ability and prepare them for post secondary. Additionally, through partnerships with the University of Alberta, university students are available throughout the school day for one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions. Peer tutoring from other Strathcona students is also available at lunch hours. We also have many connections to community resources and private tutors -- come see us to learn more!



Tracy Gerun Tom Yonge
Department Head of Student Services
and Special Needs
tracy.gerun@epsb.ca tom.yonge@epsb.ca 
(780) 439-3957 ext. 316 (780) 439-3957 ext. 317
D'Wan Williams Sandy Smith
School Based Wellness Coach Administrative Assistant
dwan.williams@epsb.ca sandy.smith@epsb.ca
(780) 439-3957 ext. 330 (780)  439-3957 ext. 117