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Strathcona High school has developed a 2000 ftFitness and Wellness Centre, which is accessible for the entire student body and staff of Strathcona High School. Our fitness center’s purpose is to facilitate, promote and enable students to pursue active lifestyles, elevate sporting performance and learn the foundations of fitness. A certified Strength & Conditioning coach who oversees the facility guides, coaches and educates students on how to work out or train successfully. The center fills four primary roles within the school:

1. Fitness and Health: The role of individual fitness and health is important for one to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This center provides extra resources and opportunities for our students to practice healthy living and learn how to live an active healthy lifestyle. The fitness center promotes not only physical health, but also mental wellbeing and enhanced learning because of being physically active. The fitness center looks to facilitate this by providing a space throughout the school year for students to practice physical activity and fitness, as well as a strength & conditioning coach who can assist in guiding athletes and providing appropriate workouts to meet their fitness or physical activity goals.

2. Sports Performance: The fitness center carries out a support role for our student-athletes within Strathcona High school. SCONA employs a certified Strength & Conditioning coach who provides coaching services, sport specific programming, as well and provides guidance on how to manage the student-athlete lifestyle and busy training schedules. Strength & Conditioning for sport is a key component for athletes to manage sporting demands, reduce the likelihood of injury and increase sports performance not widely seen at the high school level.

3. Education: The fitness center provides a key piece to providing practical learning experiences for our Sports Performance and Physical Education classes. This space allows students to put theory into practice, applying concepts, theories and methodologies learned in lecture in the gym under the guidance of teachers and a strength & conditioning coach.

4. Athletic Therapy Services: the fitness center assists in the management of injuries students-athletes or student-body may acquire throughout the year. These services include attendance at all contact-sport games, most hosted tournaments and time within the school day to provide injury care such as taping and other injury management modalities.