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Music education is the education of human feeling through the development of a responsiveness to the aesthetic qualities of sound. Performance classes provide intimate contact with these expressive qualities. In this context, performance is not an end in itself, but a means to an end, which includes the following:

  • the knowledge and understanding of the structural elements of music, and of music as a creative art form;
  • the cultivation of habits, attitudes, and appreciations;
  • the development of each student’s aesthetic potential, sensitivity and responsiveness to that which is beautiful in music.

The goals of the Strathcona Music Department are to graduate students who:

  • Make music alone and with others;
  • Improvise and create music;
  • Use the vocabulary and notation of music;
  • Respond to music aesthetically, intellectually and emotionally;
  • Acquaint themselves with a wide variety of music, including diverse musical styles and genres;
  • Understand the role music has played and continues to play in the lives of human beings;
  • Make aesthetic judgments based upon critical listening and analysis;
  • Support the musical life of the community and encourage others to do so;
  • Continue their musical learning independently

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