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Drama is one of those courses that allows you to test your bravery in the world.

Drama is a course where students will begin a journey towards the formation of a creative practice in theatre that will serve them for their whole lives. This creative practice is relevant to all areas of study but first explored in the drama classroom. The drama department aims is to provide students with the opportunity to study in a professional environment that fosters creativity, commitment and achievement. The educator/artists who teach in the drama department believe that each student is capable and motivated to participate in a course of study that is conservatory style in nature and will encourage young artists to honor themselves, their voice, and the voices of others. Classes are designed to nurture the student's existing creativity and enthusiasm while developing technical skill and discipline.  Students explore movement, speech, improvisation, acting, directing, technical theatre, design and theatre studies. It is our goal to develop in students an appreciation for drama and theatre as both a process and an art form. 

Throughout the three years of drama 10 through 30, students have the opportunity to explore the world of theatre and their own artist self-further, develop characters, write their own scenes and start directing. Building on the skills learned in the initial years, students immerse themselves into the world of theatre through scene study, playwriting, and other units designed to improve acting technique, writing skills, and directing skills. Students take part in workshops with professional theatre artists, attend plays together and are encouraged to get involved in the Edmonton theatre community whether through the Scona One Act festival, Edmonton Fringe, Nextfest or many opportunities provided for our theatre students. Additionally, we encourage and provide travel opportunities within the theatre department to locations like New York or London to partake in workshops and theatre outside of the community. Scona theatre students have travelled and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, travelled to do workshops with professional actors in New York and London where Scona Alumni have gone on to study or perform.

We are fortunate to have incredible guest artists who work with students throughout the course, and a strong and generous connection to the professional theatre community that brings about many opportunities for students. We believe in building a community for students to create, write, perform, and truly test their bravery in.