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Let’s face it, the world is not going to be saved by rock’n’roll. If we want cleaner air, better technologies, more nutritious food, it’s going to be the scientists who have to step up to the plate. Strathcona High School provides comprehensive subjects ranging from the general to the Einsteinian, offering courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Science.

Science 10/20/30 courses cover the basics, giving a foundation in living systems, electromagnetic energy and chemistry. The Biology 20/30 courses look at the wonders of living systems, from ecosystems, to the human body.  The Chemistry 20/30 explores the building blocks of matter and how these atoms and molecules combine in chemical reactions.  The Physics 20/30 courses looks at Newton mechanics, fields and forces, and new age physics.  All of these courses place a huge emphasis on hands-on exploration by providing engaging experiments in our state of the art lab rooms.  The advanced placement pathway of these science courses expands not only on the regular units, but cover additional units that meet the AP curriculum.