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Current & Prospective Students

You’re either one or the other – you either currently attend Strathcona High School (and we already know who you are) or you’re thinking about graduating from grade nine, in which case we think of you optimistically as a prospective Strathcona High School student. Either way, this is the section of our website that tells you about all our serious topics like registration, student services, timetables, etc.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on school policies, procedures and services, email strathcona@epsb.ca with your questions.


Scona’s history stretches back over 100 years. During this period we have developed traditions and values that form the basis of a rich educational community.

Foundational to this community is high academic achievement. Scona graduates have gone on to Universities all over the world. At the heart of this excellence is the Advanced Placement Program. AP was developed by the Ivy League Universities in the U.S. to give high school students the academic rigor to be successful at post-secondary studies. Scona has become the top Advanced Placement Program in Canada.

We are also known for our extremely successful athletics program. This year we have continued to have success at the Metro and Provincial level. We are also proud to have multiple programs that received Coach of the Year honours (Football and Volleyball) and a provincial Sportsmanship Award (Sr. Women's Volleyball). Fine Arts are another area we excel in. The delightful notes produced by our bands, the inspiring art work and the award winning drama program push our students to high levels of creativity and performance. Strathcona offers a very diverse Career and Technology Studies program with courses in computers, building construction, mechanics, graphic design and foods.  Our leadership program is exceptionally strong. This program gives students the skills to be the leaders of tomorrow. Finally, over 50 % of Scona students take an International Language (French, German, or Spanish). Our students rank very high on the competency exams.

Programs alone do not capture the Scona experience. Scona’s traditions, programs and values instill in our students the knowledge to lead purposeful and productive lives.

Scona strives to give an educational experience that pushes each and every student to discover what they are capable of.