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Football is the largest team sport at Strathcona High School. Each year, over 50 student-athletes join a history dating back to 1896.  Being part of that legacy is a special accomplishment.

There is no other team sport like football. It is a mix of team strategy and individual responsibility. It is essentially full-contact chess, played at a sprinting speed. Each player depends on his teammates, and it takes all the players on the team to succeed. While the Scona Lords Football Program teaches the fundamentals for individual players to compete safely and with confidence, the success of the team requires players to have dedication, drive, and a loyal commitment to teamwork. If everyone is not pulling in the same direction, the game of football does not work.

The Scona Lords Football Program has a history of developing players for achievement at higher levels of football. While success at the high school level makes for great memories, our philosophy has always been to develop players to keep playing our great game as long as possible. The Canadian Junior Football League and collegiate level programs will always need the next generation of players who are ready to contribute to their programs. Scona’s staff includes multiple coaches who played at those next levels and understand what it takes to ascend to higher levels of football and education. Scona’s coaches are dedicated to help players get noticed and be recruited to programs beyond high school. Football can be a great vehicle in which to pursue post-secondary education goals. Scona’s unique student-athlete environment helps prepare football players to be student-athletes at the college and university levels.

Our program does not require any prior experience or knowledge of football. We have the coaches to bring in new athletes and teach them the game we love. Without playing any football prior to coming to Scona, there is plenty of time to develop the skills and knowledge needed to have fun, be safe, and enjoy the high school football team experience. Students new to the game will join others who are just starting. We also encourage players playing flag football to take the leap into tackle football. Flag builds a great foundation for the movements and understanding of the game. It is very common to have flag football players flourish into highly skilled tackle players.

Our season starts mid-August (a couple of weeks prior to the first day at school) and can run until the first week of November depending on playoff success. We will have a spring camp at the end of May this year which will run through the first week of June. Equipment is provided.

The Lords Football Program provides an opportunity for students to develop their confidence, fitness, athletic ability, their social network, and a sense of community within and beyond the school. In general, being a student-athlete in high school is an experience that should not be missed. Making the high school football team… well, that’s just next level.

For more information, please email the school at strathcona@epsb.ca or Head Coach - Jason Duxbury at jdux.sconafootball@gmail.com